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We selected our collection of high-quality frames to reflect the latest in eyewear fashion.
Whatever your age, budget or eyewear needs, we will have something for you!
Nike has become a leader in the sportswear industry and one of the world's largest brands. Nike Vision eyewear brings the same inspiration and innovation to athletes with product that helps them See Sport Better. Product is developed for each category of sport within Nike, which are sport inspired and for the athlete in everyone, from lifestyle sunglasses to ophthalmic frames.
Exceptional aesthetic often arises from the combination of two opposing poles. Silhouette eyewear has succeeded in mastering this art. Achieving unparalleled lightness through inner strength, remain true to oneself and to constantly set new impulses. These timeless designs meets the need with this unique eyewear and also meets the spirit of the age. These styles complement you.
OWP only uses premium-quality materials to manufacture OWP eyewear. An OWP metal frame is made from highly robust stainless steel, ultra light titanium or sporty-looking carbon. Unique design is why you will adore your new OWP eyewear. Delicate detail on the temples or an exciting color combination will inspire your love for the look and the harmonious interplay of color and form.
These are more flexible than traditional nickel-titanium frames and can be twisted or bent in any direction, reverting back to its original form within a second after. They are quite affordable and make good gifts for kids who are much rougher than adults when it comes to handling glasses. Frame shapes range from traditional to trendy geometric styles. Trilaston, gives these frames excellent resistance to shock, corrosion and extreme temperature and is now also used exclusively.
Quality and ingenuity you've come to expect from the leader in twistable, bendable eyewear. Frame shapes range from traditional to trendy geometric styles. Trilaston, which has a momocrystalline structure gives it excellent resistance to shock, corrosion and extreme temperature variation. The frames are made of  patented trilaston, a fusion of aluminum, beryllium and copper. Additionally, MagneTwist utilizes rare earth neodium magnets (10 times stronger than ordinary ferrous magnets) in its clip-on.
Enhanced features for golf, watercraft, fishing and outdoor activities. Full UVA and UVB protection. Oleophobic lens coatings that resist water, moisture and oils for increased clarity. Flash mirror coating for a visually appealing experience. Grilamid memory polymer frame material that retains its shape, even under extreme temperature conditions. Each lightweight frame is crafted for a perfect fit and all day comfort. Optical quality frames are UV and impact resistant.
Classic styling with modern appeal. For an an authentic and active lifestyle this line offers classics filtered through a modern lens. The latest designs keeps you at your best with timeless shapes that are designed for fashion, fit and comfort. Nautica's sophisticated style is clean, crisp and distinct and fresh new color combinations, as well as traditional colors and signature details that are inspired by the natural beauty of water.
It is next to impossible to pin a label on the Cinzia Ophthalmic collection. It is actually easier to describe what it is not. The collection is not run-of-the-mill, not typical, not something you will see on everyone else coming and going. They are as far from boring as you can get. What the Cinzia Ophthalmic line does offer is frames that are bold, colorful, avant-garde, and always trendsetting. They are sophisticated with a decidedly edgy twist with their uncompromising style.
Drawing inspiration from the growing market of male baby boomers needing more generous sizes, the line targets men looking for more choices in cutting-edge style without sacrificing comfort. This high-quality line features styles in titanium as well as metal with plastic temples and spring hinges. This high-quality line features styles in titanium as well as metal with plastic temples and spring hinges. The Michael Ryen line also features a great size range.
Discover the sophisticated and effortless style of Carolina Herrera Eyewear and sunglasses for Gentlemen and fashion conscious women. Carolina Herrera fashionable eyewear offers stylish frames at affordable prices. Being known in the fashion world as one of the best dressed women in the world, and having dressed Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis for 12 years, Carolina Herrera knows the ins and outs of the dressing up in fashion. With the frames designs that can enhance the beauty of someone and quality of the materials as well as the product, Caroline Herrera is a great choice for eyewear.
What's not to like about this beautiful collection of Lilly Pulitzer designer eyeglass frames? Known for her bright and colorful fashions, the designer frame collection is not only lively and fun, it lives up ro the designer desires for fashion and quality. Every Lily Pulitzer eyeglasses frame is handcrafted and inspected by Italian artisans. Lilly Pulitzer designs move eyeglasses from just a functional piece of necessary face hardware into a desired fashion accessory. There is a warm and colorful feel for all the frames in this beautiful line of eyeglass frames. Have fun with the look and style of Lilly Pulitzer frames.
 Lucky Brand is a premium lifestyle brand that infuses heritage with innovation that's timeless for today. An icon of the West Coast with a 25-year legacy of quality integrity and versatility, Lucky Brand designs are rooted in the Southern California way of life. Lucky brand Jeans is about a moment in time, about America, youth and courage. The brand stands for a time when quality and pride came first. Lucky Brand Jeans has always marched to the tune of its own drummer, never lining up to do it like everyone else. The eyeglasses and Sunglasses has the same style found in Luck brand Jeans.
Converse is famous for its strength and clarity of design. Because of its young, style conscious demographic, it's important that Converse Eyewear stays current with fashion trends, but also stays true to some of the more classic elements of the Converse brand that have made it desirable for so many years. In the beginning, a basketball had laces. Tracks were made of cinders and tennis rackets were made of wood. Converse was there from the start, constantly rethinking, tweaking and perfecting- creating innovations that influenced the way sports were played.
 Dragon's Optical Collection is highlighted in a visit to Jamie's sanctuary, his house in rural Washington, as he gives us an inside look into his world and reflections on snowboarding, art and music. Circa 1993, in a garage in Capo Beach, CA, founder Will Howard aimed to build a company that encompassed his passions for surfing, snowboarding, and riding dirt bikes. With his enthusiasm and knowledge of the youth lifestyle market, Dragon Eyewear was launched and later evolved into a full line of sunglasses, snow goggles and moto goggles. Dragon is still run with the same passion as when it began.
Flexon eyewear is more durable, lightweight and resistant than conventional metals allowing wearers to confidently embrace every challenge without hesitation. Flexon frames feature technologically advanced memory metal in the bridge and/or temples allowing them to be flexed, bent or twisted and return to their original shape. Flexon frames are more durable, lightweight and more resistant than conventional metals which allows you to confidently embrace every challenge without disappointment. Flexon eyewear has evolved into a stylish and beautiful collection with no limitations.
Original Penguin encourages everyone to Be An Original. 1950s Americana through a modern lens, the collection pays homage to the past while using modern techniques, colors, shapes and patterns to create eyewear that is truly original. Featuring top Original Penguin styles, the collection is sized down to fit the young eyewear customer who wants a more grown-up look.
kensie is a world of trends with a feminine, yet raw spin and a dose of playful positive charisma. Clothes are inspired by the runway, what’s hot and fashion trends a modern girl really wants. It’s all about dressing the emotion of the moment. kensie eyewear is inspired by kensie clothes and accessories while playing with the idea of contrast by mixing colors and materials.
The Nine West women is a fashion savvy, image conscious 18 to 54 year old who is a multi-dimensional goal-oriented woman. She has a sense of style that is easily expressed by the new trends in fashion. Because of her ageless style, the Nine West woman is a price sensitive smart shopper looking for today's styles with an edgy contemporary attitude tied into a clean design element.
Vera Bradley's distinctive, colorful designs are translated into fashionable frames for women and girls. This collection with understated distinctiveness, creates exclusive fashion that is both luxurious and practical for all occasions. The brand has developed the capacity to present innovative and fresh styles while maintaining the classic elegance, and beauty.
Columbia eyewear offers a complete range of sun and ophthalmic frames for men and women of various ages and sizes. From it's all-polarized, easy price-point, core sunglass collection, to the higher-end, performance polarized fishing sun gear, Columbia sunglasses meet the needs of a broad consumer range. Columbia Sportswear, is specifically designed for the extreme, tame, active lifestyles.
This diverse collection features both traditional, unisex styling and the ultimate in high fashion designs for those seeking a unique look. All Scott Harris models are constructed from the finest components available, including spring hinges from Germany and Japan, and a wide array of base metals from Japan. Within the Scott Harris collection are styles made of stainless steel, cobalt, and titanium.

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